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Doctors need dependable and instantaneous insights into patients for effective oncology care.

The $250 Billion cancer care market is seeing a rapid evolution of new treatment/drug options. The entire oncology market is moving towards a personalized care-delivery model. Insights on patients' diseases and health are driving treatment options, clinical trial identification, research for drug discovery, and value-based care to improve patients' overall survival and quality of life.

Swasthya AI aims to generate comprehensive insights for oncology to enable the personalization of cancer treatment to improve outcomes.

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The oncologists and the patients are the two key stakeholders that experience the entire clinical journey. We provide insights to both oncologists and their patients based on their medical records. Our AI-based technology uses deep learning models powering a comprehensive hospital dashboard, insight engine, and mobile applications. 

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Our deep-tech solution helps hospitals engage with their patients to improve their experience and positively impact their quality of life.


For doctors and patients, our system analyzes information on patient symptoms, medications, past history, and similar patients to provide timely interventions to the patients.

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