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We are on a mission to bring personalized care to every cancer patient helping them to live better and longer lives

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Akshay Navalakha
Co-Founder & CEO
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EX-NVIDIA | Stanford| Cornell | IITGN
Akshay believes that seamless connectivity and analytics is the key to solving healthcare and making it simpler. He comes with 4 yrs+ of experience in high performance computing and is looking to create easy to use products.

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Rahul Jeshnani
Co-Founder & CBO
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Rahul has closely worked with Pharma Companies as a part of ZS. Having worked with 10+ Pharma companies over the last 7 years he has deep insights about the data requirements of the Pharma Industry

Dr. Roshan Kumar Patil
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Dr. Roshankumar Patil is a renowned oncologist rich in oncology experience across different malignancies. His personal goal is to bring high quality cancer care using clinical knowledge and technology.

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